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VP - Prostate model 

Laparoscopic or robotic radical prostatectomy

Ultra-realistic prostate phantom

  • Puboprostatic ligament section

  • Dorsal vein complex control

  • Bladder cuff dissection

  • Prostate pedicle control w/ nerve sparing

  • Vesicourethral anastomosis

Discover our nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy simulator

Remote hands-on courses

Academic program - Radical prostatectomy course

80% practice - 20% theory

Before the online class - Theoretical classes on demand of each topic + Instructional videos of UROTRAINER system

MODULE 1 - Fat removal, puboprostatic section and dorsal venous complex control

Knowledge review activity and practice

MODULE 2 - Opening and preservation of the bladder neck, seminal plane

Knowledge review activity and practice

MODULE 3 - Control of prostatic pedicles, release of neurovascular bandelettes

Knowledge review activity and practice

MODULE 4 - Urethral section and anastomosis

Knowledge review activity and practice

Debriefing and feedback

Beginning Course

5-hour simulation day

Introduction - Course presentation

Ready to enhance your surgical skills for radical prostatectomy? 

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