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Simulation for partial nephrectomy and radical prostactectomy

How is the methodology?



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Order your ultra-realistic kidney model and receive it at your home or health care institution



On Demand theoretical learning

Learn the theoretical basis with explanatory videos and real surgeries



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Stay up to date and in constant practice with the new Urotrainer courses.

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Academic program

80% practice - 20% theory

Before the online class - Theoretical classes on demand of each topic + Instructional videos of UROTRAINER system

Beginning Course

4-hour simulation day

Introduction - Course presentation

Warm-up exercise

Tutorized Hand-On Session

  • Small Tumors

  • Tumor with cyst

Knowledge review activity

Tutorized Hand-On Session

  • Large tumor

Debriefing and feedback

Debriefing and feedback

  • Tumor 80% endophytic

  • Lower pole tumor

Tutorized Hand-On Session

Knowledge review activity

  • Hiliar Tumor

  • Endophytic tumor

Tutorized Hand-On Session

Warm-up exercise

Introduction - Course presentation

4-hour simulation day

Advanced Course




Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano

Professor of Urology

Fellow in Laparoscopic Urology

Head of Uro-Oncology and Uro-Laparoscopy

German Hospital of Buenos Aires

image (1)_edited.jpg

Dr. Alberto Jurado

Head of Renal Oncology and

Retroperitoneal Pathologies

Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires

Member of New York Section AUA

Ruben Olivares.jpg

Dr. Rubén Olivares

Cleveland Clinic


Dr. Andrés Correa

Fox Chase Cancer Center

Pack 1 - 800 USD
Course + Simulation Model (Shipping included)

Pack 2 - 1050 USD
Course + Simulation Model + Pelvitrainer
(Shipping included)


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