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Hands-On Program
Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Registration is open

13 May 2024
13 June 2024

Uro-Oncology | Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Global Hands-On Training Program

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5 weeks surgical simulation program

Hands-on sessions with 3D realistic models + live tutorization


This surgical simulation program combines hands-on training with online theoretical classes. Trainees will practice laparoscopic NVB Sparing Radical Prostatectomy on high-fidelity simulation models. Training will be tutorized in real-time by experienced professors.

At the end of the program, each trainee will achieve a strong theoretical basis for RP surgery and well-developed laparoscopic skills.



Online theoretical classes - May 13th - Self-paced

  • Anatomy and general concepts for surgery (30min.)

  • Positive margins - Safe oncological surgery (30min.)

  • Surgical techniques to optimize functional outcomes (30min.)


Online theoretical classes - May 20th - Self-paced

  • Surgical technique for linfadenectomy (30min.)

  • Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy - Introduction (20min.)


Tutorized Hands-On Session - May 30th - 17hs to 20hs CET (3hs)

  • Periprostatic fat dissection

  • Dorsal vein suturing

  • Identifying plane between prostate & bladder

  • Bladder cuff dissection

Nerve Sparing Lap Radical Prostatectomy.png


Tutorized Hands-On Session - June 6th - 17hs to 20hs CET (3hs)

  • Performing neurovascular bundle (NVB) sparing

  • Performing prostatic pedicle dissection

  • Completing radical prostatectomy

  • Urethro-vesical anastomosis


Tutorized Hands-On Session - June 13th - 17hs to 21hs CET (4hs)

  • Review critical steps for NVB-S Radical Prostatectomy

  • Complete NVB Sparing Radical Prostatectomy

 Time zone: Central European Time 

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Personalized report with surgical metrics.jpg
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Realistic hands-on using cadaver-free models

Online Academy +
Live proctorship

Performance report with surgical metrics

Global shipping & Certification


Individual Ticket |  Registration ends May 9th

From 1850 USD | Includes 2 prostate models, hands-on course with live proctorship, and shipping.

Team Ticket | 20% OFF for surgical teams of 4 trainees

From 1485 USD | Includes 2 prostate models, hands-on course with live proctorship, and shipping.


Optional: Pelvitrainer

Urotrainer Remote Hands-On Training for Uro-Oncology.jpg

A new learning experience

Tutorized hands-on training with standardized skills-evaluation

How does it work?


You will receive 2 synthetic prostate models that are 100% operable. Don't worry about logistics, we will take care of everything. Shipping is included with your program's ticket.

As soon as you enroll, you will get access to Urotrainer's Online Academy and enjoy specific theoretical classes that will prepare you for the hands-on sessions.

Hands-on sessions are fully remote by Zoom. You will practice all the surgical steps of NS Radical Prostatectomy on the simulation models, and at every moment you will receive live feedback from our staff of professors.

At the end of the Program, you will get your certificate and a detailed report of your individual training performance.

(*) Surgical instruments, laptop, and tablet are not included. Laparoscopic box trainer is optional.

Remote hands-on | 5 weeks simulation program

Cadaver-free | Real-time proctorship | +10 hours of hands-on training

Individual evaluation of surgical skills

Remote Radical Prostatectomy Training.jpg

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Urotrainer Faculty


Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano

Hospital Alemán - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Vital Hevia Palacios ROC Clinic & HM Sanchinarro - Madrid, Spain

Dr. Francisco García Velandria - Hospital Eugenio Espejo - Quito, Ecuador
Dr. Alberto Jurado - Hospital Italiano - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro de Oliveira - Hospital das Forcas Armadas - Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Elías Bodden - Hospital Pacífica Salud - Panama City, Panama

Dr. Marcelo Kerkebe - Universidad de Chile & Clínica MEDS - Santiago de Chile, Chile

Dr. Clovis Fraga - Real Hospital Português - Recife, Brazil

Dr. Florencia Frascheri - Hospital Alemán - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Maximiliano Ringa - Trillium Health Partners - Toronto, Canada

May 9th last day to enroll!

Develop your lap skills for Radical Prostatectomy

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