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Urologists from Spain are trained in laparoscopic skills

More than 30 urology residents from different regions of Spain had their first experience training with ultra-realistic operable renal models. The sessions were held in the context of the hands-on course developed with the Andalusian Association of Urology (AAU) and the University of Salamanca.


Virtual hands-on course with the Andalusian Association of Urology

On February 24, the AAU organized together with Urotrainer a training day on partial nephrectomy for 20 urologists in the region.

The hands-on course was carried out remotely, where each of the residents from the different cities of Andalusia received a siliconized renal model and a laparoscopic pelvitrainer at their homes.

The training focused on providing theoretical knowledge and its application in practical exercises. These ranged from needle handling techniques, dissection and sutures to the resection of cysts and simple and complex tumors.

During the exercises, the participants were tutored in real time by experts in urological laparoscopy: Dr. Alvaro Juarez Soto, Dr. Juan Moreno Jimenez and Dr. Javier Machuca Santa-Cruz, from Spain, and Dr. Alberto Jurado and Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano, from Argentina.

Each proctor paid full attention to the movements of each student during the exercises and gave them advice that allowed them to perfect their technique in each surgical scenario.

In this regard, Dr. Javier Machuca said:

"I think the Urotrainer course was fantastic. It was an honor for me to be invited as a proctor. In the six hours that it lasted we could see how all the participants were improving in their skills. In addition, I found the lectures of the professors very interesting and they did not detract from the objectives of the course"

XI Course of Laparoscopy of the University of Salamanca

In the eleventh edition of the Laparoscopy Course, held on Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5, more than 15 residents perfected their surgical skills in renal uro-oncologic surgery.

The Future of Simulation: Replacing cadaveric practice

For the first time in the history of these courses, hands-on simulation on synthetic models was implemented. Although part of the practical training was also carried out on animal models, the introduction of the new Urotrainer methodology marks a milestone in medical education in this region.

A new instance of training together with the innovative nature of Urotrainer aroused the interest of students from Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife, Madrid, Zaragoza, Cáceres and Salamanca, who came in person to the training sessions organized by the professor and head of Urology at the Salamanca Hospital, Dr. Fernanda Lorenzo and Dr. Alejandro Martín Parada, a member of the Salamanca Hospital Complex.

The hands-on module was supervised by Dr. Alejandro Parada, Dr. Pablo Eguíluz Lumbreras and Dr. Alberto Palacios Hernández.

A student of the course commented: "This is the first time I have used the Urotrainer phantom and I am very happy with the results, as I have been able to experience what a nephrectomy and partial cystectomy is like. I have been able to practice quite a few times and the truth is that it looks great".

In addition, the live participation of Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano, who joined the training virtually to provide recommendations and techniques acquired during his professional experience, was also highlighted.

“All the participants were able to try Urotrainer with great positive feedback" (...) "In future editions we will continue to count on your models to alternate pelvitrainer with nephrectomy in animal model", indicated Dr. Parada.


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