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Hands-On Program
Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy

Registration is open

12 Feb 2024
14 Mar 2024

Uro-Oncology | Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy

Global Hands-On Training Program






- Laparoscopic basic skills

- Renal ischemia and vascular management

- Excision of small renal masses

- Surgical treatment of hilar tumors

- Surgical treatment of totally endophytic tumors

- Suturing technique (Internal and external renorraphy)

- Introduction to robot-assisted partial nephrectomy

Language: English
Target audience: Urology residents & uro-oncology fellows
Online Academy (Zoom)

Individual Ticket | Registration ends February 8th

From 1645 USD | Includes kidney simulator, hands-on course with live proctorship, and shipping.

Team Ticket | 20% OFF for surgical teams of 4 trainees

From 1295 USD | Includes kidney simulator, hands-on course with live proctorship, and shipping.


Optional: Pelvitrainer

Remote hands-on training with live proctorship


💪🏽 Cadaver-free simulation with high-fidelity models

🎓 Real-time feedback by experienced surgeons
🎥 Online Academy with step-by-step surgical videos
🏆 Certificate of completion


Urotrainer Academy offers a 5-week intensive hands-on training program for urology residents and fellows who want to master laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. You will perform 12 partial nephrectomies on a high-fidelity kidney model. The curriculum starts with small and polar tumors, and progresses by raising complexity with big, hilar, and completely endophytic tumors. Hands-on classes will be live on Zoom, tutored in real-time by experienced professors.

Academic Program: What will you learn?

Online lesson
1 - Laparoscopic surgery technique
Online lesson 2 - Renal ischemia

Online lesson 3 - Surgical treatment of complex tumors
Online lesson 4 - Introduction to robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN)

FEBRUARY 29th - HANDS-ON SESSION - 14.00 to 17.00hs (CET)

Partial nephrectomy training (small tumors) -  LEVEL 1
Exercise on cyst

Tumor #12 15mm RENAL 4p
Tumor #8 15mm RENAL 4p

Tumor #9 15mm RENAL 5p
Tumor #4 15mm RENAL 4a
Tumor #
3 15mm RENAL 7xh

MARCH 7th - HANDS-ON SESSION - 14.00 to 17.00hs (CET)

Partial nephrectomy training (big tumors) - LEVEL  2

Tumor #5 35mm RENAL 7x

Tumor #6 35mm RENAL 7a
Tumor + cyst #10 16mm RENAL 7p

MARCH 14th - HANDS-ON SESSION - 14.00 to 17.00hs (CET)
Partial nephrectomy training (hilar and endophytic tumors) - LEVEL 3

Tumor #1 15mm RENAL 5a

Tumor #2 20mm RENAL 10xh
Tumor #7 15mm RENAL 9x


 Time zone: Central European Time 

At the end of the program, you will have developed all the integral skills of partial nephrectomy:

  • Excision of renal mass (Tumor resection)

  • Vascular management

  • Suturing techniques (Internal and external renorraphy)


No previous certification or surgical experience in PN is required, only basic skills in laparoscopic surgery.

Method Partial Nephrectomy Program.jpg
Partial Nephrectomy Training

Urotrainer Faculty


Dr. Gonzalo Vitagliano

Hospital Alemán - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Vital Hevia Palacios - ROC Clinic & HM Sanchinarro - Madrid, Spain

Dr. Francisco García Velandria - Hospital Eugenio Espejo - Quito, Ecuador
Dr. Alberto Jurado - Hospital Italiano - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Tiago Ribeiro de Oliveira - Hospital das Forcas Armadas - Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Elías Bodden - Hospital Pacífica Salud - Panama City, Panama

Dr. Marcelo Kerkebe - Universidad de Chile & Clínica MEDS - Santiago de Chile, Chile

Dr. Clovis Fraga - Real Hospital Português - Recife, Brazil

Dr. Florencia Frascheri - Hospital Alemán - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Maximiliano Ringa - Trillium Health Partners - Toronto, Canada

Kit Partial Nephrectomy.jpg

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