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Do you have questions? Useful information

1. What is the hands-on distance learning modality like?

Kit Urotrainer VK1 HandsOn .jpeg

Thanks to a hybrid dynamic, you can access hands-on training remotely from anywhere in the world. 


When you confirm your registration under the hands-on modality, you will receive the VK-1 Training Phantom at your door or at your medical institution.

The VK-1 will allow you to train your manual skills and in parallel you will receive live tutoring from our proctors through the Zoom platform.

What is included in the individual Hands-On registration?

  • Access to complete course content and training

  • Door-to-door shipment of the VK-1 model

  • 100% operable siliconized renal phantom

  • Adaptable plastic base

  • Fastening seals

If you do not have a laparoscopic trainer,

you can choose to include it as an additional.


We will send everything to the address you specify, and you will only need a cell phone or tablet to use the pelvitrainer comfortably.

Pelvitrainer laparoscopico.png

Dynamics of Hands-On training:


  • 2 Weeks prior to the course, you will receive your unique access link along with the login instruction.

  • The course will consist of theoretical lessons followed by practical exercises on the simulator. This dynamic is arranged in 2 main blocks. An initial one and an advanced one. 

  • The proctors, in addition to sharing their theoretical knowledge, will provide feedback as questions and concerns arise. After each practice there will be a debriefing of the experiences made. 

2. Until when can I register?

To guarantee the quality of the course, there will be 44 places available (in 2 virtual rooms) for the hands-on mode and 20 places available for the virtual attendance mode.


Registration for the course in Hands-On mode will only be available until March 11. This is due to logistical reasons, to ensure that all participants under this modality receive their Urotrainers on time.


Registrations for the course in virtual attendance mode can be made up to 00.00hs on March 24 inclusive.

3. What items will I need during the course?

For the Hands-On modality, it will be indispensable to have:

  • PC/Tablet/Cell Phone with camera to transmit training (with Zoom application installed).

  • PC/Tablet/Cellular with camera to observe the course (with Zoom application installed).

  • Platform for laparoscopic training (Pelvitrainer / Laparoscopic Turtle)

  • One 10-12 mm Trocar (or similar)

  • Two 5mm Trocars (or similar)

  • One Scissors

  • Two Graspers

  • Sutures

To enhance the course experience we also recommend to have:

  • One Hem-O-Lok Clipper

  • At least four Hem-O-Lok Blisters

  • Vycril 2-0 suture on CT-1 or similar needle

  • Vloc 3-0 suture on V20 or similar needle

  • PDS Suture 4-0 in SH needle


In the case of registering in virtual assistance mode, you will only need an electronic device with the Zoom application installed.

4. What are the forms and means of payment?

The virtual assistance modality has a value of 39 USD.

The Hands-On modality has a value of 689 USD.

The Hands-On + Pelvitrainer modality has a value of 1089 USD.

The Hands-On Team (Pack x4) has a value of 2342 USD (Includes 4 phantoms with 15% discount).

The modality Hands-On Team (Pack x4) + Pelvitrainer (Pack x4) has a value of 3702 USD (Includes 4 fantomas + 4 trainers, all with 15% discount).


The course can be paid by international bank transfer or by PayPal (using credit card) in this link:

5. Is the VK-1 kidney simulator only for this course?

No. It will help you to continue training and progressing, guaranteeing you continuous and quality simulation.

The simulator contains 11 tumors of different complexity (different RENAL Score) and 2 cysts. In this course 2 basic tumors and 2 tumors of advanced difficulty will be used. 


The course will serve as a starting point for you to continue your training with the remaining exercises proposed by VK-1.  And at the same time, it will allow the phantom to be shared by more than one professional in case the objective is to train the surgical team of the institution.

6. Will a certificate be issued upon completion of the course?

Yes, each participant will receive a UROTRAINER diploma certifying the "flight hours" and the completion of the training program.

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